So why choose a steel frame?, Well there are many advantages to using steel frames when designing / building your new home, from the architecturally sound, modern aesthetics that allows for creative and flexible designs. No shrinking, warping or moving so you can guarantee your walls, doors and window frames will always be straight and steel frames are also ideal for the changeable Australian conditions.

Heres a few more great advantages to steel frames

Termite Proof 

Termites have been wreaking havoc on Australian homes for decades. It’s simply not possible to termite-proof a timber home. When you choose a steel frame house, you have the peace of mind that it is 100% termite proof – which can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and chemical termite treatments over the life of your home. It also means you and your family won’t be exposed to those toxic chemicals and hazardous pesticides.

Fire Resistant

Steel framed homes are more fire resistant as steel can withstand temperatures much higher than timber, and because steel is non-combustible it will maintain its shape, not burn or char and will not contribute to the spread of fire.

The International building code recognises that steel construction is non combustable and as bush fires are a simple reality when you live in Australia, and regular house fires can occur anywhere, anytime, steel frame homes attract great insurance incentives with some providers.

Water Resistant 

With flooding in Australia becoming more regular in recent years, with steel frames you’ll never have to worry about water damage rotting the inside of your beams and framing. Whatever storms are thrown your way, steel frames will not succumb and like with the advantages gained from no termites and fire resistance, it can also be a benefit to your insurance premiums.

100% Recyclable

The BlueScope Steel used for our steel frame homes is 100% recyclable and exceeds the best environmental practices.

Your frame will be completely eco-friendly and will also not require toxic chemicals to protect against pests and other hazards so you can rest assured your property will remain environmentally conscious and in a more natural state.

50 Year Warranty

Exclusive Steel Homes use steel that is designed to last a long time, not only is it a smart investment, in addition to the many other benefits of building a steel home a 50 year structural warranty is also provided by some manufacturers to ensure that your home will stand the test of time.