Considering how much time and energy people spend searching for the home they’ve always wanted, it’s no wonder many of them turn to a custom builder to make sure they get a personalised living space where they feel comfortable and secure. When you decide to build a new home, it’s a huge step, with many more decisions to follow. Some will include where you build, whether or not to hire an architect to design a unique floor plan, or whether to opt for a cookie-cutter home. The first decision people usually have to make is who will build the house. Some people shy away from custom builders because they believe they are more expensive than prefabricated or modular varieties, however, hiring a custom home builder such as Exclusive Steel Homes may outweigh the cost. With a custom home builder, you and the architect work closely and discuss everything you want in your home, including the design, the room colours and sizes, the kinds of appliances etc.

The Block and The Limits of Prefab

Be aware that modular and prefab home builders aren’t always free to build on just any plot of land no matter the size, shape or challenges. So, as well as restrictions on your choice of materials and design with prefab and modular builders, you can’t always build on a challenging block. But with a custom home builder such as Exclusive Steel Homes, you can escape from the cookie-cutter suburbs and find a block you really want and love. Custom home builders have few limits on where they can build, so it's improbable that they’ll have problems with your block. 

Your Home, With Your Stamp On It

Buying an established home or one built to someone else’s specifications will grow on you over time, but we know people can get used to anything if they live in it long enough. But a custom build will be yours from concept to construction, with everything built according to your wants, needs or desires. Custom designed and built homes off a sense of freedom that an older home, a prefab or modular does not. Also, flat blocks of land are now hard to find, so people are choosing irregularly-shaped, sloped, narrow or smaller parcels of land to build on despite the restraints such sites pose. But to custom builders such as Exclusive Steel Homes, these restraints are easily overcome using flexible, tailored designs. So there’s barely any limit to building according to your preferences, taking advantage of what the block has to offer.

The Choices Are Yours, and Your Get a Warranty

Combining your ideas and the skills and professionalism of a custom home builder means you get precisely what you want in your new home. This is a more intimate process where you get to choose whatever you’d like; you can opt for a sustainable, eco home and the architect of your choice. Or, you might prefer the convenience of a custom design-build company such as Exclusive Steel Homes to deal with the plans and construction under the same roof to create your vision. As well as being able to have your pick of the design, you can choose the materials rather than being limited to the offerings of a contractor. Do you want a granite benchtop and a copper sink? What kind of flooring do you prefer? The sky’s the limit with a custom build. Established homes come with unwritten risks, and you have no idea when or if something is going to malfunction or break down and need to be replaced. But a custom-built home comes with everything functioning perfectly; it’s all brand new and, best of all, this all comes with a warranty.

Low Maintenance and Energy-Efficient

You can rest assured that the chance of any major maintenance problems that may occur when you move into your brand spanking new home will be very low. As with anything, maintenance issues can appear over time, but if you aren’t handy with a power tool, you can always select materials and products well known as low maintenance and durable. New homes are much more energy efficient than those built even five years ago. Better heating and cooling systems and new energy codes now make homes more efficient, healthier for the occupants, and better for the environment. This means savings on power bills but add to that the modern design elements and quality construction materials and it all equals a higher resale value of your custom-built home.

Do yourself a favour and make the construction of your new home much simpler with the team of experienced custom home builders at Exclusive Steel Homes who understand the lay of the land. At Exclusive Steel Homes, our design team specialises in designing unique homes tailored especially for you. Regardless of your budget, you block or your lifestyle, we work with you to materialise your dream of a sparkling clean, brand new home. We create custom, bespoke designs and we want to get to know you, your home build ideas and your dreams.