Whether we’re developing architectural plans from your concept idea or working from your already established design drawings, to help you understand the multiple stages we run through during the design, material selection, project costing and Government application processes that are required before we get to the building stage, we have set out a simple to follow design to development process.

STAGE 1: Working with our Architects & building specialists, this is where you start to create the initial plans for your dream architecturally designed home.

STAGE 2: Based on the initial plans and ground works outlined in the design stage, We create a 3 tier full transparency building cost estimate (Low, Mid & High Range)

STAGE 3: This cost approval stage is where we have answered all your initial questions presented at the design stages and you are happy with our building cost estimates. 

STAGE 4: Once the building estimate costs are approved we will need you to confirm your colour selections for large items and certain construction materials.

STAGE 5: At this stage we will provide a proposal that will outline all stages of the building project and will offer a final contracted price.

STAGE 6: Signing of contracts between you and Exclusive Steel Homes so we can move on to the Government DA & BA approval stages. 

STAGE 7: You are required at this point to apply for Government Development Approval (DA), This is to confirm land ownership and address any council specific development requirements. 

STAGE 8: Once your DA application has been approved, an application for Building Approval (BA) will be submitted, This application can take up to 5 weeks to process and be approved. 

STAGE 9: During the BA approval period, all working design drawings will be finalised to ensure everything is ready for the project start date. 

STAGE 10: Before we can lock in a project start date we must have ALL the colour selections finalised, This is very important!


The construction process has 6 phases: the site is prepared; the foundation is laid; the frame and roof are built; the walls, windows, and doors are added for lock-up stage; the interior is fitted out; and then the practical completion stage.

Inspection and certification of your project at critical stages during the development is also required by law to confirm that your new home is built in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and relevant Australian Standards.

Through following this simple process, our aim is to ensure that you not only get the very best results, but you most importantly enjoy the experience of building your dream home.