A lot of people who are buying land, looking at a fixer-upper or trying to get their heads around redeveloping their current blocks tend to see the challenges rather than potential. Working with us to build your dream home takes away all the design question marks regardless of the challenges that can be presented by variable block shapes/sizes or knockdown/rebuilds, as our in-house architects and building specialists work together to ensure the area is maximised both for energy efficiency and lifestyle living so the contour of your land works for you. 

What can we do for you?

Custom Design - Your Home, Designed Your Way

At Exclusive Steel Homes, we pride ourselves on our personalised approach to building quality custom designed homes that are uniquely you and perfect down to the smallest detail.

Whether its a vintage colonial homestead or a minimalist modern town house, as a custom builder, we take the time to consider things that most builders won’t, like assessing the contour of the land and the direction of the sun to ensure that we make the most of the elements for a home that is energy efficient and effortless to live in.

Our in-house architect will take the time to get to know you and your family, understand your vision and work with you to customise every detail of your home.

We simply pride ourselves on being clear and transparent, from the project design stages and that all important budget right through to the communication when building and delivering your new home.

Our aim is to ensure that you not only get the very best results, but you most importantly enjoy the experience of building your dream home.

Sloping Block - Optimised For Lifestyle

Building a custom home on a sloping block can be a complex challenge and we understand how important the detailed investigation and planning are to the process.

Our in-house architects and builders work closely together throughout the design and construction process to ensure that we take a thorough and considered approach to every aspect of your unique block while optimising the natural rise and fall of the land to enhance light, the views and maximise your lifestyle living.

Unlike impersonal volume project builders, Our team work with you to tailor your property to suit your lifestyle and because we do all the work up-front there are no unexpected variations, unforeseen delays, or unplanned costs.

Your home will be built on time and within budget - without compromising on quality!

Knockdown / Rebuild - Turn Old Into New

With multiple lifestyle or family considerations to be taken into account when purchasing a new property, Its getting harder to find the right house in the perfect location that ticks all the boxes.

With this in mind it maybe worth considering whether your current land / property is under utilised or if that fixer - upper property you’ve been looking at thats in a great location but would need major changes would be more cost effective to knockdown and rebuild.

At Exclusive Steel Homes, Our in-house team of architects and builders can take you and your family through the knockdown rebuild process and help you customise every detail of your home to meet your lifestyle. You’d be surprised learn that difference in cost between a major renovation and a knockdown rebuild can be relatively small, but unlike with a renovation, it gives you complete freedom in design.

A knockdown rebuild is the perfect way to upgrade your home to fit the needs of your lifestyle. 

Already Have Building Plans?

Already have plans for your perfect steel frame home and are looking for trusted builder?

Exclusive Steel Homes is ready to work and support you through the entire construction process, Not only will your new home be delivered to your exact specifications but our team will walk you through each step so you can sit back and enjoy the journey of seeing your vision come alive.