As boutique custom home builders, we work with customers across Brisbane and South East Queensland to bring their dream home to life. The homes we build incorporate our customers’ vision, the latest design features and timeless touches to ensure we create a home that is great to live in and also has great resale value over time. 

If you’re building a new home or thinking of a renovation, here are the biggest trends in today’s market that you might be interested in.

1. Sustainable and Future-Proof Design 

Sustainable homes have been a growing trend over the past few years and the design solutions in this space have become more advanced over time. 

Elements such as passive design solutions, which take into account the environment and climate, are becoming a top priority for builders and buyers in the current market. These features keep homes cooler in hot months and warmer in cooler seasons to help keep the entire home more comfortable while minimising energy costs over time. With custom-built passive designed homes, you won’t see spikes in your bills or feel unexpected cold spots within your home. 

Something else to consider is planning for future technologies when designing your home. Leaving room for future solar arrays or home battery units can ensure that when these technologies are required, the installation process is simple. 

2. Home Automation and Smart Homes

As we spend more time in our homes, making our living spaces comfortable and tailored to our individual needs has become increasingly important.

Smart home technology which allows us to monitor, schedule and control the temperature, lighting and security of our home is becoming more commonplace in new builds. Features light smart lights and sensors allow you to create an intimate mood when you’re reading in the evenings and a focussed mood when you’re trying to get your kids to study during the day. 

Because they allow you to use what you need, when you need it, over time they can save you bills because you aren’t cooling your whole home or leaving the lights on during the day. 

3. Adaptable Layouts

2020 really highlighted the need for homes to have multipurpose spaces. Many of us may continue to work and study from home at least a couple of days a week, and more of us are also having our social time in the home with activities like board-games and movie nights and intimate dinners. This has made the design of both communal and function-specific spaces so much more important.

When building for this, if you are limited in space, use materials that link between rooms and make the most of light and space. By using retractable walls and adjustable furniture, you can create study nooks during the day for work and large open spaces for play in the evenings. Although joining the kitchen and living room has been popular in the past, we are seeing a growing trend of joining the living room and terrace, or bedroom and living room as well. 

4. Incorporating Nature Across the Entire Home

Another response to spending more time at home is people are wanting their homes to be more inviting and filled with greenery and elements of nature. The outdoor areas in new builds are becoming more intricate with more outdoor dining spaces and Zen relaxation zones being seen in the backyard.

This trend continues within the house as designs are integrating indoor and outdoor spaces together to feature more light and natural textures. Although sleek surfaces and digital prints have been popular over past years, we are now seeing these replaced by natural textures or handmade crafts which integrate human connectedness into the materials. From linen upholsteries to cork and stone finishes, incorporating nature texture with slight imperfections adds a layer of warmth and character in your home. 

5. Kitchens are bigger 

The kitchen was previously seen as just a space for storing and preparing food, they are now becoming more prominent as they are used for many more of our daily rituals. From serving an after-dinner drink, a place to eat casual meals, to a location to serve a big Sunday breakfast, kitchens are acting as a second living or dining room. 

We’ve seen designs have changed to give kitchens a larger footprint within the house, bringing in features like larger benchtops, artistic focal points and secondary pantries to ensure these spaces can cater to the additional functions. 

6. Charging Stations and Clever Storage

Having built-in solutions for charging and storage within your house helps ensure a seamless transition as the areas we work, play and rest become more intertwined. 

From reading emails on the couch after dinner, playing board games after dinner or the additional cookware and crockery for dinner parties at home, having built-in solutions prevent messy extension cords or piled-up clutter from ruining the aesthetic of your home

Designing built-in and custom-made solutions for storage and charging in the planning stage can make sure there is a place for everything within your home, from the charging point under the kitchen bench to the surfboard rack under the stairs.

7. Freestanding baths (and the Bathroom as a retreat)

Free-standing bathtubs add that extra touch that makes a statement in the modern bathroom. 

Bathtubs are no longer the white, tucked away feature in the corner of the room, instead, when they stand on their own, they are taking a more artistic form becoming more sculptural and artistic. 

As self-care becomes a more important part of our at-home rituals, free-standing baths bring the in-spa experience to your homes, so after a long day in front of the screen or chasing after the kids, the bathtub can help you relax without needing to leave your house.