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A simple brief that our design team captured in abundance, this stunning Bribe Island property is just another example of a beautiful Exclusive Steel Home that is built last.

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Property Rating

Exclusive Steel Homes

Building your dream home with Exclusive Steel Homes couldn’t be easier, Our in-house team of designers and builders can create an entirely bespoke home designed just for you.

We’re not a volume builder so our focus is always on delivering amazing architecturally designed and lifestyle inspired homes that will exceed your expectation. We have an outstanding reputation in the industry for realising the most complex creative visions while delivering smart, energy efficient and practical solutions through our attention to detail, creativity and imagination.

Communication is key and we will want to learn from you, for us its about taking the time to get it right and our in-house architects & builders will spend the time to get to know what is important to you and your family, understand your vision and work with you to customise every detail of your home.

Simply we want to make your dream home a reality.

Our Experience Counts

Over 100 Years of combined experience

Premium Materials & Quality Workmanship

In-House Architechs & Builders

Proven attention to detail

Transparent budgets & pricing

Specialist in sloping blocks

Our Experience Counts

Over 100 Years of combined experience

Premium Materials & Quality Workmanship

In-House Architechs & Builders

Proven attention to detail

Transparent budgets & pricing

Specialist in sloping blocks

Premium Design & Construction Services

Architectural Designed Homes

Custom Design

Your Home, Designed Your Way

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At Exclusive Steel Homes, we pride ourselves on our personalised approach to building quality custom designed homes that are uniquely you and perfect down to the smallest detail.

Whether its a vintage colonial homestead or a minimalist modern town house, as a custom builder, we take the time to consider things that most builders won’t, like assessing the contour of the land and the direction of the sun to ensure that we make the most of the elements for a home that is energy efficient and effortless to live in.

Our in-house architect will take the time to get to know you and your family, understand your vision and work with you to customise every detail of your home.

We simply pride ourselves on being clear and transparent, from the project design stages and that all important budget right through to the communication when building and delivering your new home.

Our aim is to ensure that you not only get the very best results, but you most importantly enjoy the experience of building your dream home.

Sloping Block Homes

Sloping Block

Optimised For Lifestyle

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Building a custom home on a sloping block can be a complex challenge and we understand how important the detailed investigation and planning are to the process.

Our in-house architects and builders work closely together throughout the design and construction process to ensure that we take a thorough and considered approach to every aspect of your unique block while optimising the natural rise and fall of the land to enhance light, the views and maximise your lifestyle living.

Unlike impersonal volume project builders, Our team work with you to tailor your property to suit your lifestyle and because we do all the work up-front there are no unexpected variations, unforeseen delays, or unplanned costs.

Your home will be built on time and within budget - without compromising on quality!

Knockdown & Rebuild Projects

Knockdown / Rebuild

Turn Old Into New

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With multiple lifestyle or family considerations to be taken into account when purchasing a new property, Its getting harder to find the right house in the perfect location that ticks all the boxes.

With this in mind it maybe worth considering whether your current land / property is under utilised or if that fixer - upper property you’ve been looking at thats in a great location but would need major changes would be more cost effective to knockdown and rebuild.

At Exclusive Steel Homes, Our in-house team of architects and builders can take you and your family through the knockdown rebuild process and help you customise every detail of your home to meet your lifestyle. You’d be surprised learn that difference in cost between a major renovation and a knockdown rebuild can be relatively small, but unlike with a renovation, it gives you complete freedom in design.

A knockdown rebuild is the perfect way to upgrade your home to fit the needs of your lifestyle. 

Already Have Building Plans?

Already have plans for your perfect steel frame home and are looking for trusted builder?

Exclusive Steel Homes is ready to work and support you through the entire construction process, Not only will your new home be delivered to your exact specifications but our team will walk you through each step so you can sit back and enjoy the journey of seeing your vision come alive.


So why choose a steel frame?, Well there are many advantages to using steel frames when designing / building your new home, from the architecturally sound, modern aesthetics that allows for creative and flexible designs. No shrinking, warping or moving so you can guarantee your walls, doors and window frames will always be straight and steel frames are also ideal for the changeable Australian conditions.

Here's a few more great advantages to steel frames

Termite Proof

Termites have been wreaking havoc on Australian homes for decades. It’s simply not possible to termite-proof a timber home. When you choose a steel frame house, you have the peace of mind that it is 100% termite proof – which can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and chemical termite treatments over the life of your home. It also means you and your family won’t be exposed to those toxic chemicals and hazardous pesticides.

Fire Resistant

Steel framed homes are more fire resistant as steel can withstand temperatures much higher than timber, and because steel is non-combustible it will maintain its shape, not burn or char and will not contribute to the spread of fire.

The International building code recognises that steel construction is non combustable and as bush fires are a simple reality when you live in Australia, and regular house fires can occur anywhere, anytime, steel frame homes attract great insurance incentives with some providers.

Water Resistant

With flooding in Australia becoming more regular in recent years, with steel frames you’ll never have to worry about water damage rotting the inside of your beams and framing. Whatever storms are thrown your way, steel frames will not succumb and like with the advantages gained from no termites and fire resistance, it can also be a benefit to your insurance premiums.

100% Recyclable

The BlueScope Steel used for our steel frame homes is 100% recyclable and exceeds the best environmental practices.

Your frame will be completely eco-friendly and will also not require toxic chemicals to protect against pests and other hazards so you can rest assured your property will remain environmentally conscious and in a more natural state.


Exclusive Steel Homes use steel that is designed to last a long time, not only is it a smart investment, in addition to the many other benefits of building a steel home a 50 year structural warranty is also provided by some manufacturers to ensure that your home will stand the test of time.

Timber Frames vs Steel Frames Comparison

Frames are the backbone of a building, so they need to be strong and secure. In addition to cost, longevity, sustainability, and flexibility of construction, both steel frames and wood frame structures offer advantages and disadvantages. Steel frame houses, also known as metal frame houses, allow less movement than timber frame houses due to steel frames’ lack of bending, warping, shrinking, and buckling, whereas timber frame houses are more malleable to their environment.

Steel Frame Timber Frame
Steel Frame Timber Frame

Market Information

The Australian property development market has maintained steady growth over the course of the past 20 years with property demand and government incentives encouraging home owners to maximise their land and properties through knockdown / rebuild projects, land subdivisions and developing more energy efficient properties.

Steel framed homes have been growing in demand year on year due to the ongoing cost benefits and eco sustainability factors that aren’t available to properties built with traditional materials, this has also helped with the growth of steel frame property prices.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • FAQ's
  • Why should I choose steel framing?

    Its simple, a steel frame is a high quality product. It represents value for money and brings peace of mind. A steel frame is light and strong, it will not burn, it is termite, borer and fungus-proof, and it will not shrink or warp.

    It is environmentally responsible, low on life cycle energy usage, recyclable and saves valuable timber resources.

  • Is steel framing expensive?

    Steel framing is very competitive on price, particularly when you consider its advantages and quality.

    A custom designed exclusive steel frame home gives value for money, premium quality and some great potential insurance benefits over even the best quality timber frames, as a steel frame home not only provides protection against termites but remains straight and true, even if exposed to the worst weather conditions for an extended period of time.

  • Can a steel frame increase the value of my property?

    Yes. Buyers who value the many inherent benefits steel has to offer are growing year on year. Councils are also beginning to accept the facts regarding the termite menace and are declaring more and more areas as termite infected.

    Timber shortages and ongoing treatment costs are also playing a role in increased re-sale prices for steel framed homes.

  • Are there any long term cost advantages?

    Yes. There are ongoing savings for the householder. Because steel will not burn and is termite-proof, some insurers offer attractive discounts on their premiums for steel framed homes. Also, the expense of ongoing anti-termite chemical treatment is avoided, and you will never have to replace your frame due to termite damage.

  • How much flexibility do I have with design?

    Freedom of floor plan and architectural style is practically unlimited. We have architects that can custom design or produce almost any one or two-storey home. Furthermore, it is possible to produce designs with steel frame that can be difficult with other materials. By taking advantage of this feature we can build unique and custom designed homes that are far superior to properties using conventional materials.

  • Can I extend or renovate at a later date?

    Yes. Additions are relatively simple and pose no problems. Furthermore the existing steel structure will remain straight and true regardless of its age, making the job of lining up the extension easier than for conventional timber framing.

  • Will steel frames rust?

    Steel frames are protected against corrosion by a hot-dipped metallic coating of a zinc-aluminium alloy. These coatings conform to the appropriate Australian standards or their equivalent.

    In external applications such as roofing these products are exposed to the elements and have excellent durability, less exposed applications such as inside the building they weather more slowly.

    Where there are cut edges, the galvanic action or sacrificial protection protects the exposed steel edge against corrosion.

  • Does a lightning strike affect a steel frame home?

    No. Because steel creates a positive earth the lightning has less effect. The energy is conducted straight to the ground and is not released destructively within the frame as in conventional framing or cladding.

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